Happy and new!


Following a new trail…

So glad the trail led you to my homestead. This country gramma and California beach girl welcomes you any time, so kick off your boots or flip flops and stay a while. The picture above is a lovely park near our home where my grandkids romp after school, and it so reminds me of peace and tranquility mixed with their laughter and joy. Those four rug-rats will make sure I have a blessed 2020.

But it can only happen with trust in the Lord.  2019 had some difficult moments of family trauma, and 2020 is bringing me some health challenges, but all I have to do to remind myself Who’s in charge is to lift my eyes to the hills and mountains around me, and recite Psalm 121:1.

I do believe my creative muse is rousing herself after some much-needed time away, and the fingers are itching for a keyboard. I am confident I’ll find editors who’ll go with my two sweet novellas, Sorry and Heart of Hope, now off-market, but that did well as part of two amazing anthologies headed by Stacey Coverstone and Mary Manners. I’ll be busy updating this website over the next few weeks and working on two romance manuscripts. But I gotta say, I think a family saga with a dark side is next for me.

So stay tuned. And don’t be a stranger. Much love to you, and may Jesus enrich your spirit and heart in 2020.


How about some snow with your palm trees?




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