All about Tanya’s tender tales

Welcome to my front porch! ! No need to wipe the sand from your shoes–just kick off your boots or sneakers or flipflops…you can even stick around here barefoot! Whatever you’re wearing or whatever mood you’re in, you’re bound to find something to read on my bookshelf.  Please stay a while.

News Flash: My first-ever World War II story, Nearby, is first-up in the mystical anthology MUSIC FROM THE HEART, where each author’s story is based on a historic popular songs. “Someone to Watch Over Me” inspired Stella and Ty’s story…are there really angels?


My sweet romance WHEN HEARTS FLY takes you to my very own imaginary town, Paradise, Nebraska. Innkeeper Cordy Meeker wants a cowboy all her own, and falls into the arms of Hawk Shockley, a handsome Brit wearing a Stetson. But her late and very bad twin brother has gotten her in trouble…Enter Eadweard Muybridge, the real-life father of the motion picture. Is he friend? Or foe? Is Hawk true love? Or a charlatan?


Then…ride along with me and seven other terrific authors as we take a JOURNEY OF THE HEART and explore every thinkable mode of transportation in the Old West.  In Sorry, my preacher’s-niece heroine Sarah, aka Sorry, scandalizes Truckee, California, by Riding a Bicycle. And nearly runs down a handsome preacherman who’s trying to find his way. And his heart. 


Last Christmas, Pelican Book Group released the latest in my Hearts Crossing Ranch series, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Why not take a sleigh ride to the ranch and find your heart?


Just released in one handy beach-read anthology…the original Hearts Crossing Ranch series, all eight stories in one big book!


And soon to be in print–my first-ever Time Travel romance Witchy Woman along with two other spicier stories in IT MUST BE MAGIC, all part of the 2016 Octoberfest at Cobblestone Press. You’ll have a fun ride going back with Allie and Pack to Salem, Massachusetts, one of my favorite places, in 1644 where they Save The World, (just kidding), fall in love (of course!) and, oh, it has nothing to do with witchcraft.


Available in print soon.



Witchy Woman is also available separately.

Stay in touch, stay strong, and God bless!