Merry Almost Christmas!

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A happy trail near my home.

So glad the trail led you here to my homestead. Kick off your boots and make yourself welcome. It doesn’t snow around here, so I enjoy writing and reading Christmas stories all year long so I can pretend. Hang around barefoot as long as you want here along the beaches of California’s central coast.

Well, this was a tough year. I needed to remind myself of miracles a whole bunch. Our hearts broke at losing a loved one to Covid, and I gotta isolate a much as I can, due to a medication that messes up my immune system. Seeing the four grands and planning for Christmas are big challenges for sure. But hey, God’s in charge, always has been, aways will be.

Anyway, I hope you’ll return to Hearts Crossing Ranch in my latest novella for the series, Holly Hearts, and enjoy a merry little Christmas with Elli and Haggai. A kindergartener in Sanctuary, ranch granddaughter Ella Martin is now old enough to be a teenager with a heart and heartbreak all her own! When the hottest guy at school–not to mention her dad’s favorite ranch hand–breaks their date for the Winter Formal, she’s got to hold it together. Especially when she finds out Haggs is worried about his mom’s medical crisis. Well, she knows all about loving–and losing a mom–she’s lost one and trying to love another–so whatever Haggs needs, she’ll be there at his side.

The characters might be teenagers, but the theme of this book resonates with all ages. I mean, we’ve all been sixteen once, right? Helped somebody we love through a bad time, and hopefully trusted in God. It’s a sweet romance with a faith message, but as you know, my stories are never judge-y. It’s truly a story for everybody, all ages, all believers. And I know for sure Jesus held my hand while I wrote this. Please enjoy your journey back to Hearts Crossing Ranch!

Where of course, it snows every Christmas!