Fun Facts About Tanya

  1.  I am a California beach girl and country gramma with a hot firefighter IMG_0565 (1)husband. We live on the Central Coast where strawberries grow and sea breezes blow.
  2.  I picked “Deliverance” for our first date. (He married me anyway.) 45 years and he’s still and always the one!
  3.  Other than my 4 grandkids, Sam Elliott is my favorite anything. 
  4.  Other favorite things: Lake Tahoe, Hallmark movies, Trojan football, Disneyland, wine tasting, and traveling the West with my hubby. We just got back from the trip of a lifetime to Alaska, Yukon, and Denali. With Vancouver, Squamish, Howe Sound and Whistler as big cherries on top.
  5.  My most unfavorite thing are down escalators. They terrify  me!
  6.  I am a fervent environmentalist and devoted supporter of California Coastal Horse Rescue, and Defender of Wildlife.
  7.  My latest crush Doc Holliday has a role in OUTLAW HEART.


    Honoring my hero. I highly recommend Mary Doria Russell’s Doc.

  8.   My college days in Nebraska helped inspire the little town of Paradise, where several of my stories are set. But I got to student-teach in Colorado, my second-favorite state!
  9. Teaching American Literature and developing curricula got me appreciating our country’s history and values even more.
  10.   I live the happiest life ever. God is good.

Hubs and me on a wagon train trip around the Tetons. Yee-haw!


Meet  John Henry Holliday!