Fun Facts About Tanya

  1.  I am a California beach girl and country gramma with a hot firefighter IMG_0565 (1)husband. We live on the Central Coast where strawberries grow and sea breezes blow.
  2.  I picked “Deliverance” for our first date. (He married me anyway.)
  3.  Other than my 4 grandkids, Sam Elliott is my favorite anything.  Anson Mount is a close second–especially as Cullen Bohannan.
  4.  Other favorite things: Lake Tahoe, Hallmark movies, Trojan football, Disneyland, wine tasting, and traveling the West with my hubby. Alaska is next.
  5.  My most unfavorite thing are down escalators. They terrify  me!
  6.  I help out at the local horse rescue and am a fervent environmentalist and Defender of Wildlife.
  7.  My latest crush Doc Holliday has a role in OUTLAW HEART.


    Honoring my hero. I highly recommend Mary Doria Russell’s Doc.

  8.   My college days in Nebraska helped inspire the little town of Paradise, where several of my stories are set. But I got to student-teach in Colorado, my second-favorite state!
  9. Teaching American Literature and developing curricula got me appreciating our country’s history and values even more.
  10.   I live the happiest life ever. God is good.

Hubs and me on a wagon train trip around the Tetons. Yee-haw!


Meet  John Henry Holliday!