Historical Romance

Without a doubt, my favorite genre to write is the historical western. Childhood camping trips in the Sierras, attending college near Chimney  Rock, and student-teaching in  in the great state of Colorado awoke the pioneer spirit in me.


Who doesn’t love a bad boy who redeems himself? Or a bad girl, too. Enjoy the Lawmen and Outlaws Trilogy. Handsome and troubled Ahab Perkins and his gang ride roughshod through a lot of my books, and I’m pleased they all find love and redemption in this threesome, from Jack Ransom who falls for the schoolmarm he hires for reading lessons–only to find out its her horses he stole. To Ahab’s baby sister Jessy Belle who survives her own hanging, finds truth and love in her heart-stopping rescuer, Redd.  To Ahab himself, who gains absolution and the other half of his heart with the lovely Theresa Avila, hiding out as a nun. Christmas for Ransom, Outlaw Bride, and Outlaw in Love

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Marrying Minda~first place award,  San Antonio Romance Writers “Merritt Magic Moment Contest’; first place award Central Ohio Fiction Writers “Ignite the Flame Contest”. Perfect scores in both competitions. Mail-order bride Minda comes to Paradise , Nebraska and marries the wrong cowboy but finds her heart stolen at the first sight of him….

Marrying Mattie ~Minda’s sister gets her wedding to a handsome horse doctor halted by her vengeful ex who downright endangers the folks and critters of Paradise.

Midnight Bride ~A personal favorite. Carrie must wed the handsome cowboy by midnight or lose the ranch they can’t inherit otherwise….

Claiming His Heart ~set in one of my favorite real-life places, Holcomb Valley, California. Yup, another costly hurry-up wedding for Charmlee and the gorgeous stranger from the cattle trails.

Outlaw Heart (Doc Holliday plays a part–he’s so much more than you’ve heard about!) This one features the little brother Bronx from the story above.

When Hearts Fly ~Minda’s little girl Katie all grown up helps Cordy find true love after deception and greed.


Takes you back to Paradise!

What? A Wild West cowboy in Hawaii? The singleton The Christmas Room is joined in print in Volume Two with two other stories from The Twelve Brides of Christmas. My story theme is Four Calling Birds, and get ready with your hankie….


Mele Kalikmaka!