Time Goes So Fast…

I am not the only one who thinks the world is spinning faster and there are fewer seconds each day. But if I ever catch up, I’ll just have to start all over again. Thing is, I have a beautiful story out right now, Royalty at the Ranch. about a cowboy who’s a prince. Incognito with a college chum at Hearts Crossing Ranch for Christmas, Brodie (aka Prince Anders) finds his heart stolen by the ranch’s granddaughter. (You can read more about her in Seeing Daylight.) But he lives in (fictional) Dornfeld, Addie in Colorado. Oh, what to do? Of course you know me, and you know a happy ending’s in store. And that I believe in Christmas Miracles. Thanks to my amazing publisher, Pelican Book group’s Christmas Extravaganza, and Watershed lines, for bringing my story to life. It’s so hard to leave Hearts Crossing Ranch that my brain is always exploding with new plots and characters, all set in that perfect little part of Colorado. Fingers crossed for next Christmas!

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